Switch Giving

This is the step by step guide to cancelling recurring gifts on the F1 giving platform.

Step 1: Log into F1's giving page.

Click here or go to the website: https://www.fellowshiponegiving.com/app/giving/templemops

Once that page has loaded, go to the sign in tab at the top of the page, and log into your giving account. If you do not remember your username and password, you can either use a one-time login with your phone number associated with your account, or you can request a new password.

Step 2: Go to Scheduled

Once you're logged into the platform, go to the scheduled giving tab in the center at the top of the page. You will then see all of your recurring gifts scheduled with the F1 platform.

Step 3: Delete Recurring Gifts

Under the scheduled giving tab, you will go to any scheduled or recurring gifts, and click on the delete button.

It will prompt you to "Stop Recurring Payment." Confirm by clicking "Stop This Payment" using the blue button.

Step 4: Verify Stopped Gifts

When all the recurring payments are cancelled, you should see this screen at the end.

If there are any problems or concerns with cancelling gifts, contact us at sgerrald@temple.church, or call 252-633-3330.

You can then return to the page: temple.church/give to walk through the new giving platform.